Monday, September 07, 2009

Gamescon PS3 firmware 3.0

Below is an explaination of the new firmware update which was presented at Gamescon! I am pretty excited for the new dynamic backgrounds! Good Stuff.

PS3 showing strong Growth with New Slim! & Somthing Interesting

Smaller, Slimmer, Cheaper; The PS3 Slim is beginning to top the charts in sales in most all areas of the world. The first week in Japan the Slim has sold over 150,000 units within its first week. In the UK reports are showing that there has been over a 1000% increase in sales resulting in a 3-1 advantage over the XBOX360. In the US the ps3 Slim has doubled its sales. Lastly, the PS3 slim has shown to be quite popular now as it trends its way to the top of the best sellers list above the Wii and the XBOX360... So i guess my question would be "Is price the one factor that has been effecting how successful a console is?".. Lets examine a few things. Currently on the market we have three great consoles in my opinion. With these three consoles we have been lucky enough to see a full array of capabilities.

First there is the XBOX360 ($199 Arcade, $249 Pro, $299 Elite):
  • Next Gen Graphics
  • HD or SD capable
  • HD-DVD peripheral (sold separately) to watch movies in Hi-Def.
  • NetFlix Capability (to watch instant play capable videos) This is great for watching your favorite TV episodes.
  • New XBOX experience! cool new GUI and more options for Market Place
  • Xbox live Market Place--- purchase your favorite music videos, Rent Movies, or update existing games with new content (maps, characters, music, etc.)
  • Live Chat - Chat with anyone on MSN (Cool feature since your family may not have a 360 but do have a computer. This makes staying in touch easy and fun.)
  • Play online against others on 360 or across platforms PC to 360.
  • Play arcade classics.
  • Use Media center to watch TV or view pictures, listen to music, or watch DVD's.
  • Backwards capability

Second there is the Wii ($249 Just console, wii sports and a controller Price will vary depending on package deal):

  • Next gen way of playing with Wii motion controllers
  • Customize an avatar for yourself (Mii)
  • Wi-Fi Built in for free online Services
  • Backwards compatible with all gamecube games
  • Get access to all old Nintendo virtual consols, Sega Genesis, Turbografix-16 and more
  • Access to Wii Channels (weather, Internet, games, etc) (updated regularly)
  • use SD cards to extend your memory or load pictures

Lastly there is the PS3 ($299 Slim 120g, $299 80g, or $399 160g)

  • Next gen Graphics
  • Next gen Six Axis Motion controllers for Next Gen Play
  • True HD (HDMI and Blue Ray capable)
  • Wi-Fi Built in for Free online service
  • PSN (PlayStation Network)
  • Download/Rent Movies in Blue Ray or definition
  • Download old or new PlayStation titles
  • Consistent firm ware updates (This keeps the system evolving and interesting)
  • Capable for remote play with PSP (upload or download content to either system)
  • Home- this is similar to second life but not as creepy... Great for connecting with friends customizing your own avatar using the PSN and playing built in side missions.
  • locates media servers so that you can share videos, pictures and music wirelessly through your own home networks.

Ok, so I listed some of the major features of each of these consoles. Some of you may already be fully aware of these differences and some of you may have found something new you didn't previously realize. Overall, the XBOX360 kinda sits in the middle in terms of its gaming capabilities, the Wii has taken a minimalist approach and made their console as simple as possible kinda like google or apple, and Sony went all out with every bell and whistle on their PS3 system you could think of. So value wise the PS3 will give you the most for your money if you were to compare. However, how much fun you will get for your money will depend on you and what you want. Going back to what I was saying earlier.... "Is price the one factor that has been effecting how successful a console is?". Pay close attention to something... I am showing that the PS3 80g was the exact same price as the new Slim (don't believe me click here to go to Sony's site and see for yourself). So why now are people all of the sudden buying up the PS3 Slim like hot cakes?? Everybody wants to attribute it to price but in my eyes not much has changed except for the obvious change in size (which is cool but not a tremendous reduction) and an additional 40gigs (which you can find anywhere now days). If consumers really wanted a PS3 for its functionality they would have picked up the 80g a long time ago and upgraded the hard drive at a later time. I got to give it to Sony they have done a pretty good job at not making this very clear to consumers but hey its working and that's what matters. Are you planning on buying a PS3? If so why now and did the additional size of the "PS3 Fat" really deter you from purchasing previously?

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Will PS3 ever get its BC back???

So my Original PS3 gets stolen--- Eventually I break down and go to buy a new one and find out that the friggin thing warns me that it is not capable of playing ps1/ps2 games. "WTF!!" I say loudly in my local Best Buy which prompts a Best Buy sales associate to tend to my eloquent words that I have chosen to bequeath upon the innocent children playing with the Wii next to where I am standing! After some discussion with the sales rep I find that not only have they paired down the BC (Backwards Compatibility) capability, they have also taken the four usb ports down to two and also got rid of the card readers that fit so well under that cool secret door. No wonder Sony was able to drop the price.... Anyway, I don't really care about all of the other peripheral crap but I do care about the BC. So I wrote this just to rant for a moment and to let all of those others out there with this problem that they are not alone..... Sure wish I could play this final fantasy game:(

YouTube - System of a Lego - Chop Suey!

Wow 8-bit trip now this!! Well I think its just too sweet! Enjoy....