Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Starcraft 2 Videos here are some vids from Youtube

This a trailor I found on youtube and below are some clips I found of actual gameplay from Starcraft 2! This game would look pretty impressive on next gen consoles. Especially on a large Flat panal. Enjoy!!

It is cool to see all of the new upgrades that this new blizzard team has made. I like how the ships fall into pieces when they are blown up. Also I don't know if this is a new feature or if it was just for testing purposes but it seems that you can change the angle from which you view the playing field which gives much more 3-d functionality? I will be curious to find out what this function is meant for if not just more visual control.

Here Are Clops from the WW Invitational Showing off Starcraft 2 and going through its features. Just awsome!

The zerg in this game look pretty impressive even though in this clip they get whomped on!

Ok I am done with starcraft clips for today! Please leave anycomments you have on Starcraft 2 below in the comment section!

Whoa check out this Video! it is of a three wheel bike called a t-rex. Pretty sweet!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

G4 talks about Starcraft 2

Here is a clip from G4 that was aired the other night. It seems that this Starcraft has basically recieved a facelift and some new upgrades to the player interface. Overall, I am excited to see this game regardless if others think that this sequal is an upset. I also hope to see this title on next gen consoles as well. Anyway, check out this clip and enjoy! Check back for more information on developments of Starcraft 2! Also Feel free to leave comments or links to sites which provide more information On further developments of Starcraft 2!

Xbox 360 laptop

Latley I have been reading up on this Hacked xbox that was turned into a laptop. Above are the images I found floating around the net! The unit is created by Ben Heckendorn. It is about 14 pounds and it is watercooled. This thing is so sweet! You gotta check out his site to see the process and some More pics! Enjoy Gamers!