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World of Warcraft Gold Guide

A few friends of mine thought that this article would be very helpful to allot of people so after a while I decided to put it up! I don't really play warcraft so let me know how helpful or informative this is!

By Ruibo Chen

Having enough Gold in World of Warcraft is one of the most important aspects of the game. Gold has a major effect on your game play. Gold of course has their common known usage in a mmorpg game which is used to buy and sell items from vendors and other players. In world of Warcraft, gold can be used for training. To learn new skills you are required to pay the trainer a fee. Alot of gold would be required to perfect your character. Here are some tips to help you farm World of Warcraft Gold.

Grabbing a profession early in the game can most definitely have its advantage. You are able to level up your profession easily and gain its benefits. 2 professions we highly suggest starting with is mining and skinning. As you kill animals and other creatures in World of Warcraft you can easily skin the animals and sell them to vendors or other players with a nice load sum of profit. You are also leveling your profession as well. While you're out leveling your character I'm sure you will kill a numerous amount of mobs that you can skin. The mining profession is another great profession. You will oftenly run into caves which may have some very prosperious mineral ores. Some minerals are very popular in the game and are highly demanded.

Questing in World of Warcraft is unlike any other MMORPG released. Quests are one of the biggest advantages you can have in the game. While you're out leveling grab a quest each time you get. Only takes a matter of seconds. Not only will you receive EXP from killing the mobs in the quest but you will also gain additional EXP from completing the quest along with some nice items and money. A great bonus added to help players level faster and get richer of course.

Gears in World of Warcraft can get quite expensive. Alot more expensive than just training. From levels 1-40 I highly suggest not investing any money on buying gears or items. Low level characters are not too gear dependent. The quests should be able to provide you just about everything you need. Save the extra gold you have for higher level gears.

Certain types of mobs tend to have better drops than others. From what we've noticed so far, humanoids tend to drop more gold and items than any other creature in the game. So while you're out leveling away, try to kill as many humanoids as you can.

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Umbra Quest and other Unique Quests from Oblivion

more oblivion stuff for the fans out there!!!

By Ian Austin

I have composed a list of unique quests that I have completed during my time on oblivion. There are a few spoilers so read with caution. When more unique quests are available I will update in another article. Thanks for reading.

A Brush of Death

This quest is one of the most unique quests I have encountered in oblivion. I don’t want to ruin the ruin the quest so I will just give the starting point. The quest is named “a Brush of Death”. First visit the city of Cheydinhal and talk to a lady named Tivela Lythandas. To get to her house enter the west gate and turn right and walk till you get to a large statue look to the left her house is the first one on the right. She will tell you that her husband has disappeared and the last time she saw him he was painting in his room. When you open the door the quest will begin.

Umbra Sword

The umbra sword is one of the best swords in the game. The location of the sword is very easy to get to, but the woman holding the sword is another problem. Head southwest of Imperial city to a dungeon named Vindasel. There are not that many dangers in the dungeon, mostly rats and very simple traps to slow your progress. Woman holds the umbra and she is very tough to stop. You will have to attack her because, she will not attack you. Personal I could not take any damage off of her (level 9). The only way I could defeat her was to slide the difficulty bar sown to easy. She will drop the umbra sword and (at my level) ebony armor. There is also I rumor that she will drop glass armor at the lower levels. Getting this sword early will save you a lot of time leveling up you character.

Treasure: Umbra Sword

Ebony or Glass Armor

Lifting the Vale

I was walking around the town of Bruma and a man named Tolgan walks up and tells me Lady Carvain is looking for someone to complete a quest for her. That’s how I started the quest, but you may be able to just talk to her in the castle of bruma to start the quest. The castle is on the north side of the city. In the quest”Lifting the Vale,” Lady Carvain is in search of the Dracion Madstone. She says that a group of soldiers went looking for it and never returned. She gives you a couple of clues to help you on your quest. The first clue is a diagram that leads you to Pale Pass. The second clue is a translation of an Adair dairy. If you read though the diary it first mentions Dragon claw rock. Head north on the eastern road until it dead ends and there is Dragon claw rock. The next landmark is the sentinel. Head due west and you run right into a huge statue. The sentinel is facing due north walk in the direction the statue is facing. The legend says he faces that way to say I have my eye on anyone trying to crossover the northern border. The serpents trail leads to pale pass and then to the akaviri fort. On your way to the fort you will encounter several Pale Pass trolls. These guys are big and slow. I hit them and back off (stick and move method). Once you make your way though the fort you will encounter many other Pale Pass trolls. You must kill the commander of akaviri fort. Once you have killed to the commander the door directly behind him will open to reveal the Dracion Madstone.

Treasures: Grand soul Gem

Grand Ring of Ageis- Shield 18% self (not sure if this is random)

Ring of the ViperEye- resist magic 10%

Ian Austin an avid gamer for over twenty years. I run a gaming web site http://biogamergear.wordpress.com.

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How to get the Skeleton Key in Oblivion for Xbox 360

People seem to really like info on oblivion so here is some more stuff I have dug up!

By Ian Austin

Are you tired of breaking lockpicks in Oblivion? I have the answer to your problems. At level 10, you can obtain a Skeleton Key. This key does not break and it will also increase your security skill by 40 points. Once you have obtained level 10, go to the shirne of Nocturnal.

To get to the shrine, go to the city of Leyawiin and take the eastern road to the north. Keep an eye out for a bunch of people standing around, also look for the sign that says "County Kvatch". Take the bridge to the shrine and talk with the shrine. She will give you a quest to find the Eye of Nocturnal. First thing you need to do after you get the quest is to spy on a couple of thieves in Leyawiin. They will give you all the information you need on finding the right cave. In the dungeon, you will have to fight or sneak past a bunch of trolls. These guys are pretty tough but, the reward is well worth your trouble.

Once you retrieve the Eye take it back to the shrine and she will reward you with the skeleton key. I hope this guide helps you in all your quests.

an Austin an avid gamer for over twenty years. I run a gaming web site http://www.biogamergear.com Check out my Blog ==> http://Biogamergear/Blogspot.com

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