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Unleash The Power Of The PSP Gigapack And PSP Download Services

Author: Terry Brazil

The PSP Gigapack is the most powerful handheld gaming package ever created. But not only is it powerful it is also a great value if you are looking to get the most out of your handheld gaming.

The heart of the Gigapack is the Play Station Personal handheld gaming system. The PSP is the most powerful handheld gaming device ever created. The PSP runs on a 333Mhz processor that is almost equal to that of the Play Station 2. It incorporates 32MB of main memory and 4MB of DRAM.

The screen measures at 4.3 inches. This is the largest screen size for any handheld with the Nintendo DS measuring in at 3 inches. The PSP also has a screen resolution of 480 x 272 pixels. This is almost double the Nintendo DS’s screen. This makes for a really high resolution image.

The PSP has built in stereo speakers as well as a slew of different ways to communicate with it. Among the communication methods are 802.11b wireless networking, USB 2.0, Pro Duo memory stick, IrDA, and an infra red remote.

The PSP takes UMD cartridges which is made for the PSP exclusivly. The recognized file formats are the PSP game format, UMD Audio, and UMD Video. All of these can easily be created on a computer and loaded to your PSP’s memory stick via the USB cable. This allows you to download a very large variety of files for use on your PSP.

The PSP also features a headphone and microphone jack. This allows you to talk to others while playing online. The PSP is basically a computer you can fit in your pocket. It also has a power connector to recharge the PSP’s built in battery.

The buttons consist of the standard PlayStation controller buttons with a few extras. The additional buttons are home, power, brightness control, sound mode, volume, wireless networking on/off switch, and a disk eject button.

The PSP also features parental controls. This will allow concerned parents to lock their children out of games and movies they shouldn't he seeing. This is a great feature and the PSP is the only handheld gaming device to offer it.

Sony also plans on delivering a slew of accessories to even further your handheld experience. You can also pick up the USB Camera for PSP, USB GPS for PSP, and USB Keyboard for PSP.

The Gigapack takes this outstanding gaming system and teams it up with a bunch of the added extras. Some Gigapack vary in what they give but most are the same. Included in the Gigapack is a 1GB memory stick (to hold your favorite games, movies, music, and more), PSP headphones with remote control, soft carrying case, PSP AC adaptor, PSP battery pack, travel plug (so you can charge your PSP anywhere in the world), PSP stand, USB cable, cleaning cloth, and usually two games.

You can obviously see why the PSP Gigapack is the most powerful handheld gaming package in the world. Teamed up with a great PSP download service you will have all you will ever need for handheld entertainment. Even if you already have a PSP you should at least invest about $55 on a 1GB memory stick.

There are a few PSP download services on the market and I have tried most all of them. The one I am most satisfied with and use on a daily basis is PSP Download Services. They offer a ton of benefits to get the most out of your PSP.

Although you can find PSP files for download on the Internet for free they are usually fairly speratic. It may take a few hours just to locate what you are looking for and a lot of the time the file may be taken down. This happens a lot if the game has not just recently been released. The same is true for PSP movies that can be found for free.

I strongly suggest you use a PSP download service. This way you will not waste away hours just to find out that the file you are looking for has been taken down. With a download service you simply search for what you are looking for and it will come back with a list of results. You are usually guaranteed to find what you are looking for. For instance PSP Download Services offers an amazing 20+ million files. You will always find exactly what you are looking for.

Depending on who you choose you may have a monthly download limit or even a monthly bandwidth limit. Others may give you a content limit so you can only get a certain amount of say games or movies in any given month. You will never experience any of these problems with PSP Download Services. You will always get UNLIMITED PSP game, movie, music, mp3, software, screen savers, background image, themes, e-books, and more.

PSP Download Services also runs on the world fastest network and uses a download excelerator. That means that you can use this great service even if you only have dial up. What this mean for you is that your downloads that usually take a matter of hours will only take you a matter of minutes with PSP Download Services.

You will also get step-by-step instructions on how to use this great technology. Even a complete computer novice can use this service with no problems. Even if you do get caught up on something you can always call technical support. They will also give you the file transfer software needed to load your PSP full of your favorite titles.

Now that I have packed you full of wonderful information on how to get the best out of your PSP the choice is yours. Quite simply it is a no brainer. How could anybody ever go wrong with a PSP Gigapack and PSP Download Services. There is no way for you to loose. Even if you end up wanting to try another download service they offer an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee.

Don’t hesitate though act now and get your own piece of handheld gaming heaven. This is only high tech device you will ever need. You can surf the Internet, chat, play games, watch movies, talk with friends, listen to music and mp3’s, read e-books and much more with this astonishing piece of hardware and PSP Download Services is its perfect match.

Below are a list of where to find the best deals to start your PSP gaming experience. - PSP Download Services - Best Deals On PSP Gigapack And Memory Cards

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Yahoo Game is a (Mostly) Free Resource for Gamers

Author: Eriani Doyel

Have you ever visited the Yahoo game site? If you haven’t you might want to take a look. It is one of the free gaming sites on the web. You will find all types of traditional games such as checkers, canasta, pool, and Black Jack, as well as news about the latest video games, downloads for your laptop or cell phone, and even clubs and multiple player games with tournaments and leagues as well. The kids have their own Yahoo game site called Yahooligans. Take the time to look at this brief description to see if Yahoo game is something that you would be interested in.

Some people like to play online games without any other competition. Other people like to play against multiple players. On Yahoo game you have the choice of being the sole player or playing against others. You can join a club and have set times when you meet to play against the same group of players, or you can join in a game when you come online. You will find listings on Yahoo game of single elimination tournaments for various types of games as well.

For the kids, Yahooligans is a safe environment created by Yahoo game where they can play without fear of sharing personal information. They don’t have to register. There are games which are educational, traditional games, and games which are just for fun. The games on Yahoo game are fairly simple, but you do have to pay for the more popular titles and many require you to download the software which may not appeal to everyone.

If you are a sports fan you can set up a fantasy team and compete against other teams until the ultimate winner is decided.

One of the links on Yahoo Game is to the Yahoo video game site. This site has information about current video game products as well as upcoming new releases (including previews) for all of the major game systems such as PS 2, X-Box 360 and others.

Some of the other features on the Yahoo site that you might find useful include a newsletter, new game alerts, and an All Star Club for registered members which allows you special gaming privileges at no cost to you.

There are many free gaming sites on the web for you to choose from. But not all of them are suitable for every member of your family. Yahoo is one alternative. The games are fairly entertaining and you have a lot to choose from. If you want a site that you can feel safe and comfortable on, you might want to check out the Yahoo site and see if it is right for you.

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Video Game History in a Nutshell

Author:Eriani Doyel

The history of the video game does not go back for centuries, but it goes back farther than you may have imagined. The earliest ancestor of the game we play today is a game called “Tennis for Two” that was introduced by inventor John Higginbotham back in 1958. This video game consisted of a horizontal line across the screen with a short perpendicular line to represent the net. In the 1960’s the first interactive video game called Spacewar was invented and then the first game that was played using a television. Then, in the early 1970’s the first video arcade game called “Computer Space” was introduced. Then in the mid1970’s a new little company called Atari came out with a game known as “Pong” that people could play at home. The first two copyrighted video game products were sold in 1980 by Atari. We’ve come far in the past 26 years or so.

Now there are thousands of games on the market and a number of game systems as well. They keep improving the features and the products. You can even download games to play on your cell phone or play a video game on your watch. You can have a game with 3-D graphics, amazing sound quality and realistic movements. The Playstation 2, the X-Box, and the Game Cube are some of the bigger names in the industry. The new Playstation 3 is creating a buzz with its ability to burn DVDs.

There are some concerns associated with the explosion of the video game industry. Children are more obese and less active than ever before and some feel that these games are partially to blame. In response, the video game manufacturers have come up with interactive games with “dance pads” that allow players to replicate dance moves. Some people are also concerned with the amount of violence and sexuality on these games. They see a direct connection with the rise in violence and crime in society. Now the industry is working with an independent advisory board which rates the games for content and age appropriateness. This is a great tool for families who want to control the types of media that come into their home.

The entertainment software industry will continue to improve the products and technology out on the market today in response to consumer demand-the history of this product is far from over, but it has come a long way already.

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Microsoft's Xbox 360 vs the Sony's Playstation 3

Author: Mark Robbins

Microsoft has tried to catch up with some of the titans of the gaming world, such as Sony with the release of the Xbox 360.  The Xbox 360 offers many new features that players will love:

  • Free limited subscription to online gaming – This allows players who have not been participating in online gaming a chance to see what is available at no charge. 
  • All Xbox 360s come with Live-aware – This means you can get a friend invite or see who is online and what they are playing from your Xbox 360.  The button in the middle of the controller makes all this very easy.
  • It offers great media features including listening to music while you play games, the ability to create custom playlists and your own custom soundtracks, the ability to rip songs from original CDs to your Xbox 360 and stream music from your MP3 player to your Xbox 360.  You can also create slideshows of photos to share with friends and family.
  • Xbox 360 has a wireless controller.  No more tripping over the wires, although it can support two wired controllers through USB ports in the front.
  • The game console is not only great for gamers, but developers as well.  It is a powerful machine with an unprecedented amount of RAM – a feature added on the request of developers.
But, Xbox 360 still has some problems that need to be worked out:

  • Their Japanese third party support is lacking – While some Japanese developers offer software for the Xbox, it is small in number when compared to what the same developers offer for Playstation. 
  • While the controller is wireless, it eats batteries rather quickly.  Standard alkaline batteries only last about thirty hours, so if you buy Xbox 360, invest in rechargeable batteries to save yourself some money in the end.
  • When they were set up in WalMart stores before days before the launch, many suffered what is known as the Xbox “360 screen of death,” an error screen.  The Xbox 360 had also had some problems with overheating.
  • Some report the Xbox 360 system as being very noisy when playing an Xbox 360 disc.
Many people are eagerly awaiting the release of Playstation 3, which may occur as soon as November of this year.  It has been said that the Playstation 3 has an outward feel (which allows it to stand vertically or horizontally on its own), as opposed to the Xbox 360’s inward feel.  It is a much larger console than the Playstation 2 and closer to the original size of the Xbox.  Game discs slide into the console like CDs slide into a car player.  Here are a few attractive features of the Playstation 3:

  • It is always on, so you can access your Playstation 3 from anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection. 
  • With a Playstation Portable, you can connect to your Playstation 3 and transfer media such as music and movies.
  • The Playstation 3 appears to be much more powerful than that Xbox 360, Ninetindo Revolution, and Playstation 2.  Initial reports say it will be twice as fast as the Xbox 360.
  • Developers and publishers of over 230 games have announced titles for Playstation 3 games.
Here are a few reported cons and problems with the Playstation 360:

  • Comes with only 256 MB, less than the 512 MB the Xbox 360 will come with.
  • Their Playstation Network Platform (the online service) is still in development and may not be ready by the time Playstation 3 is released.
  • The launch of the Playstation 3 has already been delayed due to disk problems.
Both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 are incredible gaming consoles.  It seems that although the Xbox 360 came out first, the best bet is still the Playstation 3.  The strongest point of the Xbox 360 is its online functionality, but Sony may be working on something similar to Xbox Live right now.  However, Microsoft is closing the gap with Xbox 360 and probably will eventually catch up with Sony in gaming consoles.  For some users, it may come down to something as simple as which one is more compatible with the games they already own.

Mark Robbins is a gamer providing valuable tips and advice on video game systems, game cheats, and giving new game reviews.

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