Saturday, August 02, 2008

Max Payne to hit the big screen! (Max Payne Trailor)

I kept hearing around the internet that Max Payne was going to come to the big screen but I always thought that this was just speculation. Anyway, this Max Payne video trailor doesn't look too bad hopfully this will be a great success. What do you guys think about Mark Wahlberg playing Max payne?


Thursday, July 31, 2008

Will the PS3 ever Make it Home

PS3 Home LogoWell we have been promised this over and over again. However, the folks over at Sony entertainment seem to have pushed our dreams of ever making it home out to a later date once again.

PS3'S Home is realitivley similar to Second Life: you control an avatar through an emense 3D world alongside your community of friends and other fellow gammers. The Home service is Sony's answer to Microsoft's xbox Live. Sony's original release, scheduled for Spring 2007, was delayed until later in 2008. At this point, Home does not have an official release date and PS3 users are forced to continue dreaming about Home.

In my opinion, Sony's Home might be a release Home Screen Shotsfeature with their next gen console in an attempt to best the Xbox Live value added services, ie movies on demand, game demos, xbox live cross platform functionality, etc. Overall Sony's home, if released with the PS3, could be a make it or break it service for Sony. But if released with their next gen console, it could be a great exclusive feature.

Monday, July 28, 2008

My Diablo Collection Vol.1

I used to be very big into Diablo and I was and still am a huge fan of the entire franchise. Just recently I have found myself slipping back into the realm of darkness. So with that said, this post is going to list a bunch of links I have found all around the net which have great resources for diablo all the way from diablo through diablo 2 expansion set Lord of Destruction. For the cheaters out there I am also listing a few good hack sites as well as some legit Diablo links. Additionaly, will be showing some much desired items.

The first diablo cover

Blizzard The official Site of Blizzard. A site which used to be has changed names to accommodate the new diablo on its way for release. This site provides a great forum, images, Diablo news, etc. A pretty solid site.

Diablo 2 This is a pretty good source if you are looking for Diablo 2 stuff. I only use it for reference.

GameSpot Diablo Info A general source for Diablo information.

A Nocturne for Diablo II Find patched items and general information.

PlanetDiablo Here you can find Items, Walkthroughs, Information, and news This is an IGN gamespy site.

D2 Legit Items If you are a legit player I would recomend this site for those still playing Diablo 2.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Diablo 3

Diablo 3 is on its way be sure to check out the web site. it seems that they have only released 2 character classes, the Barbarian and the Witch Doctor. The Barbarian seems to be the an older version of Barbarian from Diablo 2. If this is not the Barbarian from Diablo 2 than I think he may just be an old traveller from another tribe of Barbarians. Furthermore, the Witch Doctor seems to be a pretty unique character. However, from some of the video footage of the gameplay I am feeling that he is more like the Necromencer who controls things by summoning them through the use of magic or in this case voodoo.

The graphics in this game look impressive and Blizzard has added some new functionallity to the environments. Oh yes! You will now be able to use environments to your advantage during cases where hordes of enemies become too much to handle. I don't want to give up too much so go check out the video footage. Here is a link to some Diablo 3 screen shots.

Overall, I think the game looks great I just hope that they will be releasing they rest of the character classes and hopfully they create a little more variaty. The game could get boring if all you do is smash your way to victory with the Barbarian or Voodoo people till the end. I think I would say that this game could be a great game and depending on how well it does and how they end this they could continue the francise for years to come.

Keep Playing,