Friday, April 14, 2006

A random clip I made for your Viewing pleasure! (chappelle)

Hope all you gamers like Chappelle!!

Condemned: Criminal Origins

Ethan Thomas, who is on the trail of a serial killer. This game has some of the most viscous most amazing hand to hand combat. You explore these condemned atmospheres, not only with random weapons picked up from the environment, but also your forensic tools to investigate. When fighting psycho killers one will notice the impeccable A.I placed in all of the characters. These characters will do as much as even through some trick punches to fake you out when you are trying to block or hit.

The only problem with the actual game play is the lack of tricks and options. There is about 10 hours of game play but in only like 2 hours you can reveal all of the tricks and graphics that the game has to offer. This may make for some very monotonous gamming after only the first hour in a half or so. The forensic tools are yet another great feature of the game it’s like watching your favorite investigation show. All you do is stand above the point of investigation and then pick the correct forensic tool and then begin investigation. This makes the tools you have become very interactive. You will be all hand on when it comes to using the tools provided. After using the tools you will call using your cell phone to headquarters. From phone calls you will gain more background info about the game. This will help change the game up so it doesn’t become so monotonous after an hour or two.

(guns and stuff) When it comes to the weapons you will be doing a lot of melee fighting and most of the weapons will be coming from the environment, such as broken pipes from the walls, axes or 2 x 4’s with nails in it found on the ground. If you find any guns there are only a few shots left in them so you shoot a few times then drop that weapon then grab another weapon in the surrounding area.

The only thing that critics really had to say about this game that was bad was the problem with the non contrasting environments. What I had to say with that was this game is based on a dark intense filled world. I think the environments looked absolutely awesome for this theme. You can’t really get much more contrast with environments or levels with this specific theme. This game is definitely going to be a good buy for the next-gen gamming experience.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Mortal Kombat Armegeden!!

Well Boys and Girls This seems like it may be the end but I wouldn't be to quick to say that with Mortal Kombat. The Game has proven to be a big success with 13 years under the belt they keep cranking em out! They are bringing back every charachter and then some! Take a look!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

More on Nintendo's revolution controllers!!

Finally the release of the new concept. I was looking at the controller and I was thinking, "how the heck could you play with only one hand for hours like you can with your regular controller that require two hands?" But it is all starting to make sense. This controller is to come with an attatchment that connects to the bottom of the controller. This attatchment will be the analoge side of the controller provding use to navegate 3-d levels. Nintendo definatley does have somthing here. For some games however you just point the controller alone at the television and play away. This means you actually controll the screne when you move your controller. This feature is called the "direct pointing device". The sensor at the top of the controller is what detects the players position and orentation. By tilting your wrist left or write you can controll a car in a racing game, if you move your arm to aim at object you can hit the "power button"(the big a button you see in this pic) and shoot, or you can make a slashing motion to use swords like in the legend of zelda or other nintendo exclusives the will be shown here at "we talk games". The attachement which goes into the bottom is what is called the "nunchuku-style" which ultimately makes the combanation look like nunchuku with them both combining still as a wireless controller.

This could make for some interesting gaming. Most obviously the revolution will have many exclusive titles but we we still wait for further developments. However for now you can expect to see some very interesting concepts develop as they may be planning to have a single player be able to use two controllers, one in each hand.

Overall, this controller is meant to give new gamers an easy and less intimidating introduction to gaming while providing an inovative product to the existing veteran gammers.

What do you think about this new concept. It is no doubt very interesting. Do you think it is somthing that is going to stick in the gamming market place?

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Battle Field 2 For the Pc!!

This game looks amazing. Just played the demo. and this video review pretty much says it all so take a look! Game trailors says, "it is the best game money can buy!"

To See this in full screen double click the media player window!! !!Attention!! You may have to wait for video to load!

Resident evil 5 Trailor!!

Monday, April 10, 2006

New MotoGP!!

I have just taken a look at the new moto gp for playstation2 It looks off the hook. I think it is going to be one of the cleanest racing games out for any of the consoles it is available for. It looks as if they have taken the realism to the next level. all of the charicter and rider physics are great. It still seems though that the bike is not as responsive to the controller but thats what you get with simulators.

here is a segment from

MotoGP4 continues the series's tradition of realism and speed with an advanced physics engine, authentic rider animations and multiple weather conditions for a truly intense racing experience. Players can take part in the thrills and drama of professional racing across all three engine classes from the 2004 season, including MotoGP, 125cc and 250cc throughout 16 accurately recreated tracks from around the world.... read more at

Nintendo Revolution controllers!

I really don't know what to think about these controllers? They look cool but I would think that nintendo would have gone in a different direction rather than take a throwback and put a spin on it! I think people will like the revolution controllers for a little while because it will be a change for bit but overall it looks like ps3 and xbox 360 will take over again?

Revolution Controllers

This is crazy take a look at these controllers! I don't know about them though, they seem like they would not be too comfortable for long. What do you think?

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Xbox 360 vs. Playstation 3 vs. Revolution!

I am always curious as to why and what people have to say about the new next gen systems comming out! I also like to here what people have to say here about who will come out on top and why. Also who do you think has the best marketing plan thus far!? So if you have two cents to give please pay up Because I really would like to open up disscussion on this!

dead or alive 4!!

I have always loved this game. You won't really see many difference in this new DOA game exept for the skill level this requires. This also has a whole buch of more players with a special guest apperance by guess who? The spartan from Halo!! What can you belive this. What kinda sucks is that you have to play all of the story modes and other stuff to unlock characters and costumes. The online play in this game is probably going to be the highlight of this game but overall I like the game and I think it will be a good buy and addition to your system!!

super monkey ball for the ds

This game can be seriously frustrating! take your mokey balls through multiple courses all different. the objective is to get to the finish and get through mini games. I dunno The game is alright but I am just not into the nintindo DS! Sorry! I like to play with big boy portable game consoles like the PSP!

fifa 06 For the xbox 360!

If you like soccer games then I would advise you to get this for the 360. however because the game is so clear it can make some of the players look kinda wierd . over all this game is alright. But in fifa 06 is missing some little things like manegment mode and other things and there are only 72 team compaierd to the hundreds in the ps2 version! To play this game you would definatley need to have a great love for this game. If not I would recomend you say your 50 bucks for a better game maybe wait for that gears of war to come out!

pac man world 3!

all this is, is a bunch of jumping and watching bad pixles . this game includes old retro games which are by the way very slow. if you want sombody to be turned off by the world of gamming then play this game. crazy colors and slow game play makes John a dull boy!

Super mario "strikers"

This is another mario driven sports title all you do is pick one of marios buddies as a side kick and mash those buttons. this is said to be the most violent mario do date. all the way from tackling players into the electiric fence to getting blasted by king koopa. this has simple controls and they are all very responsive and they give great resonse so the action is at the tip of your fingers. Over all its a good game.