Wednesday, April 26, 2006

New Crysis

Author: Brittany T.

German developer crytek has done it again. After releasing far cry for PC in 2004, the developer takes its place among other visual masters such as ubisoft. Their new found fame pushed electronic arts to offer crytek a partnership that allowed them to produce a visually impressive 1st person shooter game: Crysis. The story involves aliens, the north Korean military & the u.s military.

Through the game we see a conflict develop through this triad of groups. Depending on what groups are conflicting with eachother the environments dramatically change. This gives amazing depth and contrast to the game. This sci-fi story will prove to be interesting. Though the release date are still unknown, Crysis will surley take its place among other 1st person shooters such as halo and doom.

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Monday, April 24, 2006

How to cure vampirism in Oblivion

Hey I found this cool article on Oblivion I thought you Oblivion lovers might like to read!

Author: Ian Austin

The easiest way to cure vampirism is once you have contracted Hemophilla (Vampire disease) go to a local church and pray at the alter for a cure (seriously). If you have been sick for more than 3 game days you will be a vampire. There are a few pros to being a vampire. One of the best benefits is a great strength, also you have add bonuses and spells. The biggest draw back is the sun begins to harm you and it forces you to walk at night.

Another draw back is people and merchants will refuse you service in your vampire form. The way to lessen the effects is to feed on sleeping NPCs. The best place to find sleeping NPCs is at the stables of any town. There is usually a farm hand
asleep on the outside of the stable. Make sure you access that area after 11 pm. Now that you know how to contract,treat, and live with the disease lets talk about the cure.

Once you are a vampire you need to go to the church and talk with someone at the alter. They will send you on a whirlwind tour across the country talking to different people. You will end up at a old woman's house named Draklowe. She will make you a potion, but first she will need a few ingredients. First, she will need 5 Grand Soul Gems. This part of your journey will take you the longest but, with the help of this guide I can save you a few hours. The Five places I have found Grand Soul Gems:

1)Dungeon of Miscarcand (to the west of Skingard)
2)Squardered Mine (next to Draklowe)
3)Imperial Market (Not sure which Vendor)
4)Leyawjjn (Mages Guild)
5)Bravil (Mages Guild)

Once you have the 5 Grand Soul Gems take them to Darklowe and she will give you the next part of the quest. You will need 6 cloves of Garlic, 5 Nightshade leaves and 2 Shoots of BloodGrass. You will also, need the blood of a Argonian and Vampire ashes form a Vampire named Hindaril. All of the ingredients can be found at various mage guilds and markets. The blood of a Argonian is pretty easy (there are the lizard people). There is a bum Argonian wandering around the city of Leyawjjn poke him with the dagger and you good to go. The last piece of the cure is you need to kill a powerful vampire. Darklowe will give you the exact locaction of Hindaril. Once you kill him she will give you the potion and a extra potion for a friend . I hope this guide helps you in your quest. If you have any questions, please email

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