Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Runescape Tip: Make Money With Mining

By Stephen Warren

Mining is very important, as ore pretty much fuels the game. If there was no mining, then there would be a much less diverse variety of weapons and armour available, making the game pretty dull.

That's why it's important to get your mining skill up.

From level 1-20 you should mine copper from the south varrock mine From level 20-40 you should mine iron from the mine near rimmington or varrock

When you reach level 40, it should be much easier to mine coal. You can mine coal at level 30, but it will take much longer, besides, if you level up with the other ores, you can either make money by selling them or you can keep them and maybe use them later (I recommend this method, it's more profitable).

I also recommed that you buy and adamantite (Or adamantine I always forget how you spell that) or rune pick axe.

A good place for paid runescape members to mine coal, is at the mine near ardougne, which also has a bank fairly close by, this will speed up your mining and make you more efficient.

If you're a free runescape member, you can mine coal in the dwarven mines, however there isn't a bank nearby, so you wont be very efficient.

Now, mine coal until you're level 60

Since you're level 60 you can go to to mining guild to mine coal until you're level 85

And now that you're mining level 85, you should go and mine rune in the wilderness or from the heroes guild (Much safer). Rune seller for between 10,000-15,000 per piece, so I think you'll agree that it's certainly worth the effort to do it.

When following the steps above, I strongly suggest that you keep all of the ore you get and smith it into something useful. Otherwise, feel free to sell it and see some immediate return for your efforts

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World of Warcraft Easy Gold

By Marty Rubenski

If you are an online gamer and have played Blizzard’s World of Warcraft for more than a couple of hours, you will know just how frustrating it can be to be short of gold, the in-game currency. You need a ton of gold for any decent item or weapon in the Auction House (AH). It even costs to travel any distance if you don’t want to walk.

So, what are the easy ways to gather gold?

The most important thing you can do is to have the right professions at an early level. You can train for two different professions at level 5 in any major city. Many professions will actually cost you a bunch of gold for materials and won’t make you anything until the highest levels. This is not what you want at all. The only Warcraft professions that will actually make you some money at low levels are the gathering professions; herbalism, mining and skinning. You can literally gather up items at no cost and sell these in the AH for a good sum of money. I suggest you take up mining and skinning to start with. You can skin any dead animal and receive a variety of leathers. Light leather is always a hot selling item in the AH and can be gathered quickly as you level. Mining will gather copper, tin and iron ores. These can be smelted to bars and sold in the AH to eager blacksmiths.

Fishing is a skill that is often overlooked as a Warcraft easy gold maker. It’s a secondary skill, which means it can be learned in addition to your two primary professions. You can make 30 gold an hour with little effort on most servers. The fish in most demand are Deviate Fish, Stonescale Eel, Oily Blackmouth and Firefin. Check the prices for these in the AH on your server and start fishing.

Enchanting is another profession to consider and can make considerable amount of gold without ever leaving your home city. Since you main character is limited to the two main professions, I often roll another level 5 character just to practice enchanting. The secret is to concentrate on disenchanting. Any low-level green item can be disenchanted to create the basic enchanting materials such as Strange Dust or Lesser Astral Essence. You can purchase green armor for 5 silver or so, disenchant the armor to it’s basic components and put the components straight back in the AH on sale for 20 silver.

One important note for selling in the Auction House always, always include a Buyout price. Nine times out of ten, if somebody wants the item, they want it NOW and are willing to pay top price to avoid waiting.

There are many more techniques for World of Warcraft easy gold visit my blog at http://warcraft-gold.blogspot.com for more tips.

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How to Save Money On Video Games

By Richard Heaney

If you are a keen video game player like myself you will know the fun and excitement that can come from buying a new game for you game system. However there is a catch, these games are really expensive! It does not matter which games console you own, new games for Xbox, Playstation and Gamecube are all highly priced.

We understand that some games do have high development costs, the programmers, sound engineers, animators and testers all have to be paid. But once a game is finished it can sell all over the world and some titles sell in really large quantities. The game development houses must make a serious amount of profit, most customers pay the full retail price for their new games.

One way of saving money on video games is to buy from wholesalers. Now I know that in general wholesalers only sell in bulk quantities. It's not much use to you in having 100 copies of the latest game, you can only play 1! But now there are some wholesalers who sell in single units. The thing to do is search on line for wholesalers which sell the games you are interested in that also sell single units. Using this method you can save up to 60% off the retail price for your brand new video game.

Another option is buying and selling second hand video games, it is not as difficult as you might think. Once you have finished playing a game you can take it to your local game exchange store where you can swap it for a new game or cash. This is a great way to save money on video games, how many old games do you own which you know you will never play again? You might as well sell them when you have finished playing with them and use that money to buy your next new title.

You can also sell your used video games on eBay, there is a good market for games on the auction site and you can often get a better deal than if you take your old games to a game exchange shop. If you do this it is worth noting that games drop in price as they get older. If you try to sell your games as soon as you are done with them you will get a better price.

Now this method is better than saving money on video games – you can actually get them free! Games developers require game testers to check out their new titles before they go on general release. You may not know this but you do not need any special skills or qualifications in order to test games. If you know the right people to contact and you go about it in the correct way you could become a video game tester. They send you a copy of the game they want tested along with how they want you to report on the game. You play the game, fill in the report and send it back to them. You can get paid anything from $8 - $80 per hour to test games, you just sit back and wait for the cheques to come in. A great perk of the job is that you get to keep the games you test, if you become a game tester you may never have to buy a new game again!

Rich Heaney is the web master at Game Testing Guide. Find out how to become a video game tester right now at rjheaney.com/gametesterguide

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Nintendo Wii, a Real Revolution?

By John Gibb

After the release of the Xbox and PS2, in the highly competitive world of video gaming consoles it appears like Nintendo was pushed out of the game. Now, with the brand new Xbox 360 and the soon to be released PS3, Nintendo needs to definitely do something cool in order to keep up with the 2 giants that are leading the game so far. Nintendo’s answer to this situation is the in-development-stages Nintendo Wii. Hopefully, this will be a console capable of competing with Xbox 360 and PS3. Will Wii really manage to give Nintendo a breath of relief? Well, only time can show.

Nintedo Wii has been in development for quite some time now. The initial name of the project was Nintendo Revolution but later on, the guys at Nintendo decided to change it’s name to “Wii” (it’s pronounced we). The console itself is a black (it can also come in other colors, that’s a common practice by Nintendo), sleek, rectangular box with a blue, beautiful, LED illuminated slot-receiver. The exterior follows the concept ‘keep it simple and effective’ and it’s completely different from the flashy Xbox 360.

Leaving the eye-candy aside now, let’s talk about the actual features of the Wii console. First of all, Nintendo promised that the Wii will bring a whole new gaming experience upon it’s arrival. Part of the implementation of this plan is a small controller that comes along with Wii. Although it appears just like a simple TV controller, it contains motion sensors; this feature will be utilized in various gameplay aspects. For example, Titles such as Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Red Steel take advantage of the new controller technology in order to provide the player with an effective way to aim.

Regarding interior hardware aspects of the Wii, what we know by the moment is that it will be equipped with an IBM CPU, an ATI graphics card and a RAM memory of 512MB. Of course, it features wireless controllers, 2 USB ports and a built in antennae for WiFi internet access. Saddly for those who consider it a must, Wii will not support HD output but it still has the potential to look pretty good on a HDTV due to its wide screen friendly mode and the 480p progressive scan.

The last thing to add is that Wii features an amazing backwards compatibility feature. You can play literally any game that Nintendo has ever produced. Yes, even retro games! Finally, another good thing about the Wii is that it will come at a very affordable price; according to Nintendo it is going to cost something less than 250$!

John Gibb is the owner of gamesconsoles facts

For more information on games consoles check out http://www.gamesconsole-guides.info

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Sony: Will PS3 Save this Company?

By Dennis Biray

With the recent announcement that Sony (SNE) will delay its PS3 launch in Europe, a similar reaction should be based in your mind of whether to buy or sell your shares of this company. With such a shaky corporation in terms of announcing favorable information, the confidence in buying shares of Sony has dropped as shown by its stock the past few months. With the added problems of having the major laptop producers having to recall the specific Sony brand batteries, such a situation does not pose well for this corporation and its shareholders.

Speaking in terms of fundamentals, Sony has done terrible the past few years. Supposedly to be represented as a strong player in the technology sector, margins have proven to provide counterarguments. Having negative margins the past three years does not ease any shareholder’s concerns. While some investors may argue that many companies still post negative margins and receive a favorable capital gain, with the added problem of having these negative fundamentals during a time when technology is supposed to sell more rapidly from one year to the next, such numbers are embarrassing for a company of Sony’s nature. While some analysts have noticed such a trend and reduced their EPS estimates, Sony does seem to surprise investors and beat most of them but with the negative effect of not showing such resiliency in its cash flows or balance sheet. Along with negative operating margins and poor profit growth, I would be wary for both long and short term investors wanting to get into this stock.

In terms of technical analysis, Sony is as volatile as it gets. It’s true there are bursts of growths and sparks over the past few years, but the overall trend has been downward after its terribly overbought status during the early parts of the millennium. From 140 to 40 points is a large margin, even for the technology sector, but is equally represented by its poor fundamentals. With the added problems of a delay in its PS3 launch and the batteries having to be recalled, don’t look for consumer or institutional confidence to increase in relation to buying more shares.

Some investors may argue that it is possible that Sony is in trouble currently but, in the future when the PS3 launches and the battery problem is fixed, Sony should be a very low price and ready for a rally. While there might be truth in such a sentiment, think about when the PS2 launched about six years ago. Sony was at its peak then and Sony shares have only gone down from that point regardless of the fact that Sony won the console war against Nintendo and Microsoft. With the PS3 launching during a time when a recession is inevitable and consumers should spend left, don’t look for Sony to provide any capital gains in the near future.

Dennis Biray presents advice on all kinds of topics ranging from finance and investing to fitness to sports. For more information email him at dbiray@gmail.com , or to view other articles written by him visit http://www.biraynetworks.co.nr

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